The Lazy Gene

People are lazy. When it comes to procrastinating us Westerners have the luxury of avoiding doing what we should be doing. My friend Chris Chilton is a writer and I am in awe of his ability to meet his writing deadlines throughout his lengthy career. I decided I would give myself a deadline and write a new blog every month…. so it has been a year since I have written one. I should lie and say I have just been too busy, but I probably could have fitted it in between ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Star Trek Discovery, or one of the five Nordic Noirs that I have binge watched since Netflix and Smart TV changed my life. I could have also taken the time to write a better script for the dreadful ‘real’ characters in my worst indulgence….

“My name is Kim Godby and I am addicted to The Real Housewives”.

And yes, I can hear you- “oh, how can you watch that rubbish?”. Of course you are right. I am going to put it down to my father and his love of daytime soap operas. My first ever memory is from The Young and the Restless. I can remember Leslie and Lori Brooks having a fight over the recently blind Brad Elliot. I can still outline several of these very complicated plot-lines from various daytime soaps throughout the 70s and 80s. It’s a skill, and I am available for pub quiz teams.

The last year has been great with the business. It is growing in a very organic way and I look forward to the coming 12 months. I have partnered with a few other operators that share my view/mission including Ness from Kiwi Virtue and Laura with NZ Chauffeur. There are so many new visitors and plenty of work here in the ever growing Queenstown and I hope to further our relationship to benefit everyone.

There has been an influx of Americans since the Trump election but let’s not get into a discussion about the reasons why. I have had the pleasure of driving around some amazing people from this very diverse country. When I started Kim Godby Driver Guide, I researched the market and focused on the Indian and Chinese visitors, but as the business evolved I naturally attracted a market I had not expected- older Americans, often women, traveling alone or with another woman. I have loved showing these folk my home. We put the world to rights in our travels and I have made some lifetime friends. I have also been hired by several production companies and I had the pleasure of driving around the Art Dept. for an US TV commercial being shot here. Alan is an actor, writer and Larry David impersonator. My face hurt for days after he and I got into hysterics during an unfortunate wine waiter encounter. Charming Marwan loved motorcycles and British Punk and Lisa and I shared the same opinions on everything we spoke about (mainly food, wine and the other two). I drove them around for 10 days and I still miss them now. The relationships I have formed, however fleeting, give a feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that I did not expect when I started this business.

So if the lazy gene permeates my day and I end up binge watching the new Preacher series this time next month instead of writing a new blog, please refer back to this one and pretend. In fact, I declare this blog my Mandelbrot set.

I accused my friend Jon of having the lazy gene which stopped him achieving what he wanted to do with his music. He used it for one of his musical escapades: